“Pills For The Cure” A Special Trunk Show

On Saturday, October 22nd, Webster’s Community Pharmacy will host a very special trunk show featuring “Designer Drug Jewelry” by local Altadena artist, Susan Braig. Her unique eye for design will inspire you to look at life’s most painful instances in a new way. The high cost of battling this deadly disease inspired Susan’s analogy of her prescriptions as “little jewels.” Since then she has recycled donated expired gel caps and tablets to use as gemstones and found items to create earrings, bracelets, tiaras, necklaces and rings at her studio in Altadena. Her jewelry has served as part of her health care reform activism as well as her efforts to recycle. Susan points out that her jewelry is wearable since, “All pills are denatured with glue and varnishes, so they are no longer usable as drugs or medical supplies.” The demand to showcase her jewelry at craft/trunk shows and outside orders has helped to fund some of the medical bills that have accumulated in her battle with cancer.

At Webster’s Community Pharmacy we support local heros such as Susan Braig. Co-owner, Meredith Miller commented, “We’re excited to host this incredible innovator at our pharmacy! Come to our special Trunk Show to meet Susan in person and hear her story first hand, as you help to support breast cancer research.” To honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month, partial proceeds from Pills For The Cure will benefit the Susan G Komen Foundation of LA County.

The intriguing pairing of Webster’s Community Pharmacy and Susan Braig was sparked by a common denominator of prescription drugs and medicines. At a time when healthcare is weighing heavily on everyone, this is a way to bring a little levity and sparkle to the day and remind Altadena residents that inspiration is created right in our own neighborhood. In addition to Susan’s jewelry, Webster’s Community Pharmacy has a unique selection of “For The Cure” gifts and collectibles which are available for sale. Many of these items are also supported with a charitable donation to breast cancer research.

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