About Us

Altadena’s friendly neighborhood drugstore Webster’s Community Pharmacy is far more than a place where people have their prescriptions filled. It is a centerpiece where people can also find everyday items and stay current with local news similar to the general store of days gone by.

The staff knows most customers on a first-name basis. They’ve been part of their lives and the community for many years, and know their history, both personal and medical. Because of this close relationship, they can take care of their prescription issues with greater accuracy and predictability. The pharmacists are up-to-date on the latest drug news and their knowledge extends on the cutting edge of medicine.

Some of the benefits from the Rx are:

  • Prescription delivery to home or office
  • Pharmaceutical Compounding
  • Durable Medical Equipment Department
  • Broad Selection of Sports Injury Products
  • Fast Turnaround on Prescriptions – Most Rx’s can be filled in less than 30 minutes. Webster’s Community Pharmacy boasts a competitive Direct Warehouse program that offers a rapid 24-hour turn-around service.

Under the direction of owners Michael and Meredith Miller new additions to the pharmacy have been established including:  a unique and popular Gift Department that specializes in Jewelry and Fashion Accessories, Holiday Décor, and full-service greeting card and stationary section. “We are known for our love of American nostalgia that includes retro candy, vintage classic toys and lots of collectible treasures.”, states Meredith Miller. Each season customers can find the latest trends for any occasion.

Meaningful real-life connections are a key component of what makes Webster’s Community Pharmacy one of a kind.  Co-owner Meredith Miller advocates that, “as a stakeholder in the community there is a great responsibility in making positive changes by getting involved – putting action behind promised words.” She has many years of experience in community relations by building awareness as the one of the Directors of the Pasadena Humane Society, a former member of the Pasadena Tournament of Roses, and other organizations. Meredith’s hands-on-approach has led her to her current role as Director of the Altadena Chamber of Commerce.

At the heart of the Miller’s passion for helping others, support and donations to local organizations is an ongoing effort. Building a bond with others includes monthly witty events produced by Meredith, such as the popular Fancy Food Truck Fridays. By establishing an online presence customers are able to connect with all things Webster’s Community Pharmacy at their fingertips via Facebook and in real-time through Twitter. A monthly newsletter has been designed to communicate events, medical news and other in-store promotions. The pharmacy’s blog extends the stories from Facebook, Twitter and the newsletter.

Committed service, community presence and social responsibility are the building blocks of Webster’s Community Pharmacy. Michael and Meredith Miller’s pride in their store is prevalent in the customer experience and satisfaction. It is this formula that reinforces the bond with the community of Altadena.

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